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~180K monthly listeners on Spotify (as of 01.09.23)

With the help of a SongPush campaign, AMIR THE KID was able to generate >1,500 creations within 48h, which greatly boosted his streams on Spotify!

Generated Creations
Generated views
Creations on the sound

The release timeline at a glance:

07 March '23

Launch of the campaign on SongPush

Before the start of the campaign, the sound "HOODIE - Sped Up" already had 173 creations.
09 March '23

Over 1,500 videos in 48 hours!

With the SongPush campaign, "Hoodie" was able to generate over 1,500 creations in less than 48 hours, making the sound earn the TikTok tag "Popular"!
April '23

The campaign triggers a trend!

The campaign generated another ~1,500 new organic creations in the aftermath.

Creations within the campaign:

In line with the song title, most creators wore a hoodie for their videos.

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Check out the entire release timeline:

April 27 '23

Launch of the campaign on SongPush

Shortly after the campaign went live, the sound "Over" went from just under 10 creations to over 1000!
09 May '23

Top Creation: >5 million views

The creator "geparke" created a video for "Over" via SongPush and generated over 5 million views. Her video concept perfectly harmonizes with the sound and was able to trigger a strong viewer-to-stream conversion!
10 May '23

Direct impact on streaming!

With over 9 million views generated on TikTok, a visible growth in streams could be observed. "Over" generated more than 1.5 million streams within the first month post-release.
End of May '23

Pole position among TikTok sounds 🚀

The sound "Over" was able to secure its own banner in the app thanks to its strong traction on TikTok.
The sound snippet was available on TikTok already 2 weeks prior to the release.

‍DSP-Release: 09.05.23

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"HOODIE" is now at >3M streams on Spotify!

In line with the song title, most creators wore a hoodie for their videos.

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